Our little Outback Made Gifts family lives in Far North Queensland and have lived in the country and on cattle stations in North Queensland all our lives. We love living on the land and have experienced all the trials and tribulations that come with this lifestyle. There is nothing more Country than the smell of the bush outside, the red dirt of the Outback stuck in every nook and cranny and the joys of watching your little ones playing in the mud after the first wet season rains.

I started Outback Made Gifts out of a love for all things Country, a desire to promote Australian handcrafted products to those seeking something that truly reflects Australia and a passion to support rural and remote communities of this wonderful land!

I thought, why not combine them all and start a bespoke online shop that caters to consumers seeking unique Australian handmade gifts with Country inspiration, the ambiance of the Aussie Bush or the rustic feel of the Outback. All the while offering a platform for these amazingly talented Sellers to have their creations showcased and marketed along side those with similar passions and stories.

Whether they are beautifully handcrafted gifts created in the Australian Bush, on rugged Outback properties, in quaint rural towns or Country style gifts lovingly handmade in suburbia our vision is the same, to have all these uniquely handcrafted products in the one amazing place for customers all over the world who have a passion for these products too to browse, admire, purchase and enjoy!

Not only do we aspire to support small businesses generally but to support those who work, live and breath the land, the Outback Lifestyle and the way of the Australian bush….and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Along with marketing these niche products we aim to shine a spotlight on the stories behind the talented creators listed with Outback Made Gifts through our regular creator SHOWCASE feature.

We will also give back a little something by donating 5% of all profits to charity organisations that support rural and remote communities.

If you are interested in joining the Outback Made Gifts family as a seller please click on this SELL YOUR HANDMADE GIFTS WITH US link for more information.